Winning code


We bring you an application for Facebook pages that will differentiate your brand from others, our new proposal is the winning code app.

With this option your fans can participate by codes, in sweepstakes jackpots and also winning prizes directly loading the codes.

As usual, in this app you have a very great ability to customize your promotion to suit all needs, let’s start talking about the codes: For them you can choose between load a list of proper codes in a txt . or go with numeric and alphanumeric formats.

In the dashboard, you have the tools that you are already used to, and some new ones, like “Prizes”, with the ability to upload and schedule awards for your fans.


To make your task easier, you can choose all the prizes you want to give away at the same time and designate a date and time when they will be automatically delivered to the first user to upload the code in the ranges. By making the awards delivered by a certain date, you can be sure that you reach a winner rather than a specific code has not reached the hands of the consumers.

You can use each award’s pictures along with short descriptions that appear to the winners right after entering the winning code.

In settings you can find the loading code’s field, if you decide to upload your own codes , and don’t worry about the amount, you can charge millions of them!


Now everything you need for a great Winner Code promotion is deciding how the fans will find codes to participate, here are some ideas:

  • You can print the codes on small stickers to attach to your products, with it you can increase the sales.

  • You can hide the code in a commercial or TV show, so the fans should be aware of view to participate.

  • You can give clues at your social networks or your physical location to try to guess the code

The possibilities are endless!