This is the brand-new InstallThisApp, meant to accomplish high effectiveness rates and to give you deeper knowledge of your fans.

See the big picture


At a glance, all your applications and Facebook Pages! You can now save time by quickly identifying priorities to focus on, with the new grid. A simple way to catch up what's going on.

Really online

You can see in real-time who is using your apps and what they are doing, with a breakdown by hour, day and month.

Ok, let's organise


With the new users list, you can search specific users, group them, export them to an Excel file, and even pick some of them in a random draw.

Who's home?


Wherever you see a user, you can click on its name or profile picture to get their detailed info. Get to know your fans better: likes, activities, preferences, educational and laboral history. You also get detailed demographic statistics and the relationship between your users and your other pages/apps.

Oh, you're gonna rock with this design editor


If you liked the old design editor, you're gonna love the new one. We've managed to give our apps much richer layouts while still making it even easier to customize them.

Go mobile


All your apps get their mobile version, which adapts itself to look just like a native app on smartphones, with all their characteristic animations and transitions.

Wrapping up

We've packed several new features inside the new InstallThisApp, and all of them will get a blog post in the near future so you can take advantage of them.

How do you like it so far? Here at the HQ we're ANXIOUS to know it.