Timeline contests for Facebook pages


Do you want to run a contest right on your Facebook page's timeline? Are you running a sweepstake among all the users who have liked, or commented on one our your posts?

Timeline contests are the quickest and easiest way to maintain high engagement levels. You post a nice photo, announce an interesting prize, and ask for comments and likes. Easy! Right? Well, think about it. You may want to award a random user, or maybe the comment with most likes. The manual work that involves getting the complete comments list, likes list, or identifying the most liked comment is huge!

Stress no more! We've developed a completely free tool that allows you to pick random winners from any of your page's post without even having to install anything. And it works with all of the posts you've made in the past!

How does it work?

We automatically get all of your posts, and all of the likes and comments on them. You just have to choose a specific page post and we'll show you:

One winner among all the people who liked the post.
One winner among all the people who commented.
One winner among all the people who liked AND also left a comment.
A winner with the most liked comment.
How can I use it?

First of all, go to the Facebook page's control panel.


Then go to the Posts tab.


You'll see a list of all the posts the Page has published. Just click on get a random winner...


...and, after a few seconds, you'll get a window with the contest's results:


Remember, this tool is completely free for all of our users and doesn't require you to install anything. Go to your dashboard and give it a try