The best games for your Facebook Fanpage

Do your clients ask you to improve interaction levels on their Facebook Page? Surely the answer is Yes!

InstallThisApp has applications that will skyrocket engagement on your client's Facebook page.

This time we'll show you 4 of our games: Spot the difference, Memory Match, Puzzle and Slots Machine

Spot the difference


It's like the game that usually shows up at newspapers and journals, we've done a digital version. Just upload 2 images, the original and the one with slight differences, then use your mouse to draw circles around the differences.

The interesting thing is that you can indicate all the differences you want, 7 is not the limit.

Make the most out of this awesome application, learn how to install it and give your audience some fun!

Memory Match


It's like the children's game with physical cards on a table, but we've also turned into an online social game. You have to find the matching image pairs. It’s an excellent app if your client wants people to know some more about their products, for instance, you can use pictures of 8 of their top products in order to get people familiarised with them.

Of course, you can customise the back of the cards with your own image, but remember to always use square images, because otherwise the application will scale them to a square. The same goes for the actual images on the front side of the cards.

Give it a try and learn how to create and integrate a Memory Match game on your Facebook Page



If your client insists they have a product they need to get out there some more, this app is a great recommendation.

You can place the image of the product with a cute design, invite users to participate and generate a lot of activity that will get good results to your client.

Don’t wait anymore and learn how to install a puzzle game in a Facebook Page.

Slots Machine


This is one of our most fun apps, it's very simple to edit but has a lot of potential to maintain high engagement levels, you know, just like an actual slots machine.

One key feature is that you can control the difficulty for obtaining the combinations, so you don't give away all your prizes so easily.

This is your chance to learn how to create your own set of Slots Machine on your Fanpage, take it!

Remember, all of our apps are responsive without you having to do any extra work. This is a major perk for your customers because they already know that nowadays most of the interactions on Facebook pages come from mobile users, this is a great argument to propose to your client!