Spot the difference game


Following our series of games for Facebook pages -such as puzzle and memory match- we've brought a real classic for you: Spot the Difference.

The classic game in which two slightly different images are shown so the player can try and spot the differences is now available for your Facebook page, and as expected from us, is completely customisable and ready for smartphones - so none of your fans will be missing out.


The set-up process is pretty simple: you only need two similar images, and after uploading them, the app asks you to click on the differences so we can know where the players should click to discover a difference. You can move and resize the area for every difference.

You can also set a maximum amount of lives for every player, so they won't be able to just go randomly clicking anywhere to discover differences. A player loses one a life for every click outside of a difference.

On smartphones, players have to tap on the differences they spot.

Every time someone plays this game, a story is created and shared to their friends’ newsfeed, attracting even more people.


This brand new game is available starting today, so give it a try!