Product catalog

Some of the guys over here are still feeling hungover after celebrating our definitive launch, but we promised to release new apps and that's exactly what we're doing.

Product Catalog

If you offer goods or services, our new product catalog is the perfect link between your products and your Facebook audience.

Our Product Catalog app is the easiest and fastest way to display your products without having to pay for a website, right inside your Facebook page, where the mayority of your potential customers spend a lot of time. All your products will be centralised on your catalog, categorised the way you want, each one having a description, photos (as many as you like to upload) and price (optional).


Once you have finished with the layout editor and your catalog looks exactly the way you want, you can start loading your products. All you have to do is go to the "Products" section (the active tab on the screenshot below) and click the plus sign to add a new product. Categories are created the same way.


When you finally publish your catalog, users will be able to post comments on the individual product pages, as well as send you private messages about a particular product. Private messages will show up on your apps's Messages section (the envelop icon, next to the Products section), and are also mailed to the app owner's email address. Every product gets a "share" button and a Facebook comments section, in order to ensure word-to-mouth marketing.

Of course, with this app you also get a mobile version. No customer left behind.


Visit now to try this brand new app, which will be available as a free app until April 18th, 2013.