Platform Upgrade: Get ready for the new version


We're REALLY happy to announce that after several months designing and coding, we're just a few days away from launching the all-new InstallThisApp.

This new version will allow you to use the same contests and tools, now with a whole new set of features to make your everyday-work easier and faster.

Given that this upgrade demands a lot of changes on the platform, we will have to temporarily turn off the service this Friday.

If you have any app running, please uninstall it before friday to avoid problems with your users. Don't worry, all your data will remain untouched. On october 13th, when the website is up and running again, you'll find all your stuff in order, wrapped in a far more beautiful interface.

We're very thankful to all the beta testers we have for all the apps they've been installing and using, and we're sure you're all gonna love the new version.