Look mom! We've launched a startup!

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If you've come here without knowing the app, InstallThisApp.com is a set of apps for Facebook pages, that allows everybody to create promotions and campaigns in a very easy and quickly way.

Eat your own dog food

With the social media frenzy, our agency started to receive more and more requests to develop contests, tools and promotions for our clients, rushing to gain more fans on Facebook and build a stronger relationship with their customers.

We reached a point where we'd developed dozens of apps, and started to ask ourselves, as any other agency: how could we optimize our resources and lower our developing time, turning these 12 hours in 15 minutes?. We needed a new tool, so user friendly that even our accountant could use it. Without coding, without developer accounts, free of any mumbo-jumbo, content-centric and, above all, capable of fitting to the style of any brand.

So we came up with InstallThisApp.com, and our clients loved it.

Marketers, community managers, small business owners, big companies and non-profits... all of them removed things like "developing", and "metting with the programmers" from their calendars, and were able to concentrate on what they really like: getting their message out to an ever-growing audience.

Beta users

As soon as we noticed how useful it was for us, we shared this tool with a few friends of the agency, so they can use all these contests and promotions in their respective Facebook pages for free. Eventually we decided to set up an account request page, thus officially launching the free beta version, available for everyone.

A nice surprise

So we got really excited when thousands of marketers, community managers and business owners around the world started to request beta accounts, and even more by watching those early adopters grow their fan base at a rate of thousands per week. In fact, there were so many non-spanish speakers that we decided to translate the whole app to english.

The blog

As we're constantly improving this whole thing, we'll have updates very frequently. So we created this blog to keep you updated with the latest apps we launch, and improvements we make to the whole set or specific apps. Also, we'll be writing articles about how you could get the most out of InstallThisApp, with tips, advices and examples for every app.

The most important thing is that you will be in touch with the actual developers, and they will be reading your suggestions and requests.

Our goal

Seriously, we're really excited and motivated by all the people using our apps. Currently, we're working full time on this project. We sincerely appreciate every Facebook post, tweet or email from you, because it helps us build an even greater product for everybody.

We believe that running your next campaign should be a pleasing experience, not only when brainstorming with your teammates, but even when you launch the Facebook app.

What are you waiting for? Get started.