Look mom, no hands! Beta stage is over


We've spent the last weeks coding and designing our new website, and we're sure it will help new and existing users to know better all the cool stuff InstallThisApp offers, as well as the potential benefits for their Facebook pages.

Now, if you visit installthisapp.com, you'll see a nice website featuring the most useful and interesting things you can do when using InstallThisApp, and also a list of the most renowned brands that are using our apps. Existing users will see a link to their dashboards (installthisapp.com/backend).

Don't forget to watch our 2.5 minute video, in which we give you an entertaining walkthrough of the experience of creating, customising and publishing an app, and the subsequent data analytics.

In the pricing section, you'll see our different plans and other payment methods. But don't worry! We decided to keep the "forever free" account as an option. Current users can keep their unlimited free accounts until March 11th, 2013.

We're such workaholics! During the next weeks we'll be releasing brand new apps that are currently under development, in order to bring more and more options to our users and a richer experience to their fans.

Everyone is very excited here at the HQ, and happy to begin a more mature phase of this project.