June 2013 updates

We've added a couple of new features to the platform and we'd like to tell you how this benefits you.

Globally banned users

Up until now, you were able to ban users from your apps very easily, but they could just keep bothering you in any other future or current application.

Well, from now on, banning users works globally. If you ban someone from one of your apps, this person will be automatically banned from every other application you have. Nice way to deal with cheaters and fake accounts, huh?!

On/off switches for contests

Among our apps, there are some where people participate by submitting something (a picture, some text, etc) and getting voted by other users.

Imagine you want to close the participation period, but still allowing people to see who's won, who was on second place, etc. There is now a way to do that, without uninstalling your app. You just go to the contest's settings (the gear icon in your app's control panel) and uncheck the "allow participants" option.


The contest will be freezed right away, but users will still be able to see the results. Of course, you can unfreeze your contests at anytime.

Instagram app

And last but not least, there's a new app that allows you to show all your Instagram photos in your Facebook page.

It works almost exactly as our Twitter or Youtube app, the only difference is that you have to connect your Instagram account to the app before installing it, so we can gather your photos and display them in a tab on your Facebook page.

We hope you find this useful, as a lot of our clients already have. And as usual, if you have any questions, just contact us!