July '13 updates

This month comes with great news for our users. We've got two new apps and a couple useful features.

Puzzle game for Facebook pages


You know, the classic puzzle game but completely customizable. Upload your own images, select how many slices we should make, and let your users try to solve them in the shortest time possible. You'll see a complete list of participants with their results and average time for all of the puzzles. You can get one by clicking here.

Geographic restriction for your apps


Now you can enable any app only for the countries you choose. This is great to fight back those fake profiles from who knows what country that so often flood Facebook contests.

Top fans app


Ever looked at those "top fans" or "fan of the week" apps that are out there? Most of them are poorly designed and don't adapt to your brand's image. That makes no favor to your Facebook page or brand, so we decided to make one that looks great by default, and can be completely customized to look like a taylor made app.

With our top fans app, you can choose wether to take in account the activity in your page from: one year ago, 6 months, 1 month, 1 week, or from the moment you create the app. You can reset scores at the scoreboard in your control panel too.