How to make a sweepstake on Facebook?

Doing sweepstakes on Facebook is really fast and easy, because all of the contests apps, promotions and games that you can find in our suit of apps already have this tool built in. It's the same sweepstake engine for all of them, so you'll only have to learn how to use it once.

Basically, this allows you to get a list of randomly selected users, either from your full users list or from a smaller group of them previously filtered by you. This allows for endless possibilities, for instance you can make a sweepstake between:

  • All the participants.

  • Those with higher scores.

  • Those who have participated on a certain date.

  • Or according to any arbitrary condition you want.

And obviously, this whole process of making a sweepstake is a piece of cake, just follow these steps:

1) Once you start getting some users, just go to the Users tab from your app's dashboard.


2) Then, you can either select the users you want to include in the sweepstake, or not select anyone. If you don't select anyone, the sweepstake will include all users.


3) Now, click on the little "gift" icon located at the top-right of the table. The sweepstake window will show up, and you'll be able to indicate how many winners you'd like to have.


4) Click on Roll the dice! and you'll get your winners list, and also the option to save them in a group (see "How to create a contest group of participants and users on") or download an Excel file with their data.


And that's it!

Now you can make sweepstakes in a quick and easy way using any of the games, contest and promotions available in our suite of apps.