How And Why You Should Verify Your Facebook Page

Reasons and methods for verifying a Facebook Page

Have you ever wondered how people get the blue check mark on their Facebook accounts? It’s worth doing because that little check mark demonstrates to people who follow you that you have the status for verification by Facebook.

Simply put, earning that little symbol next to the name of your business means you are more official and have enhanced credibility.

  • It makes sense. For a start, it’s not possible to buy this credibility, but when people see the blue badge  on someone’s Page or profile, it’s confirmation that Facebook has verified that person’s Page or profile as authentic. It’s worth bearing in mind that not every public figure, celebrity or brand on Facebook has a blue badge.
  • When people see a gray badge  it means Facebook confirmed that this is a business or organization’s authentic Page.

Why Bother Verifying Your Page or Your Profile?

First up, it’s an at-a-glance sign to your fellow users that you and your business are important. You are established enough and have been willing to put in the effort to earn the accolade.

What these check marks say to your audience is that they are actually looking at a real page for you and your business. They can rest assured it’s not an imposter and hasn’t been created by a fan (or an enemy!).

It means you can be messaged about what you do, while also showing you take social media marketing and customer relations seriously.

A big bonus is that by being verified you will be taking a useful step for your Page and/or profile to rank higher in not only Facebook’s but also Google’s search engines.

Blue or Grey? Is there a difference?

There are blue and grey checkmarks that appear next to Pages and/or profiles on Facebook.

The blue checkmark confirms the authenticity of the Pages and the people or brands behind them. It demonstrates this is an official account. This type of verification is available for both Pages and personal profiles.

Gray checkmarks confirm a specific business’s location. Gray checks are neither as difficult to obtain as their blue counterparts, nor are they as noticeable. However a gray mark can still enhance your business’s credibility on Facebook.

If your business is part of a franchise, corporation or big chain only the main account that is operated by the corporate marketing team will be eligible for the blue mark, with individual local locations eligible for gray marks.

Is Facebook verification open to all?

There’s the theory and there’s the practice.

In theory, anyone can get verified. In practice, it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

Only some Page types can be verified.

Local businesses, organizations, companies, along with public figures are Page types for which it is possible to obtain a Facebook verification. A physical location is a help because the gray marks are location-based.

Getting Facebook verification for personal profiles is a lot harder. Before you start you will need a lot of friends on your account, plus you will have to meet other requirements and provide proofs.

This is how you verify your Facebook Page

Your page needs to be in top form. There are no strict parameters, but ensuring the Page looks fantastic and is credible is a great help when Facebook reviews your request.

What your Page has to have is:

  • An actual website address
  • Contact information
  • An “About” section, including a detailed description
  • Plenty of content

The process goes like this:

Start with your actual Page. Go to the Page’s settings. Then go to “General”. If your Page is verifiable choose the option: “Page Verification”.

In this case you should be given either the option for “instant” verification, or for the more lengthy process.

Instant verification provides the chance for Facebook to call the publicly listed phone number for your Page. You will then be provided with a verification code.

This code is for entering in the box that Facebook should provide. If successful, Facebook will award a gray check mark. Eventually this can lead to a blue one.

If this method doesn’t suit you, there is also another way that involves uploading documents that prove you are the legal owner of the business. Included in the list of documents are:

  • Business licenses
  • Tax files
  • Articles of incorporation.

Facebook reviews these manually prior to giving their approval.

Verifying Your Facebook Profile

It is a whole lot more tricky to get your personal Facebook profile verified. You must have a lot of friends and not just fans.

On top of this, only those people who have near-celebrity status are able to get verification from Facebook for their personal profiles.

Submitting your personal Facebook profile for verification needs to be done by contacting Facebook directly. If Facebook takes your application seriously they will request documents that prove you are who you say you are. This may be a passport, a copy of your driving license, or some other legal document.

How Long does it take to Get Verified?

This depends on factors like what type of Page you might have set up. Other considerations are how tied up the Facebook team is, and how many followers you have. For example, it’s a known fact that Facebook will take longer to approve a business than some prominent celebrities.

The time span ranges from as little as 48 hours to as long as 45 days.

Wait… what if Facebook Rejects Me?

Facebook rejecting your application doesn’t need to be the end. Facebook’s support team can offer more information about why you have been rejected.

It may simply require you making some tweaks and revamping your Page or profile. There is no limit on the number of tries you can have. Your Page must be as fleshed-out as possible. It needs to contain as much information that makes you seem credible as possible.

In Conclusion

The majority of businesses and marketers who successfully obtain Facebook verifications have worked hard. They put effort into their online and social presence to make them as strong as they can be.

If you are prepared for that and want to strengthen your social presence then get started on the steps to achieve Facebook verification. . It shows you’ve gone the extra mile. Head over to your Page now and get started!

Alfredo Re

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