Discount coupons for Facebook pages

Do you want to offer discounts, gifts or special product promotions on your Facebook page, BUT with the level of customisation your brand and your Fans deserve?. Well, you might want to take a look at our brand new coupons app!


What can I do with discount coupons on Facebook?

You'll find it useful if you constantly distribute coupons, 2x1 promos, free products/services, you name it. If you're not used to this kind of promotions, you should try them, engagement levels tend to go to the skies!

How does it work?


Basically, each user gets a coupon with a unique code, and the number of available coupons is given by the number of codes you load from the control panel. You can either generate the codes right at your control panel or upload a .txt file with one code per line. This is done at the Codes tab. If you choose to generate them from the app, you can customise the length and also indicate how many codes you want.


It's critically important that you go to the design editor and change some texts on the coupon, otherwise people will see dummy texts everywhere. Each part of the coupon has a default text that explains what you should write there.

If you go to the "Codes" tab, you'll see a secondary section called "Claimed Coupons". This table shows you who has which code, and if you delete one entry, this coupon will be available for anyone. If you actually want to delete a coupon, you should go to the Coupons List section again and delete it.

Looking for some different ideas?

If you have a special event: give everyone a coupon, print out the claimed coupons list, and then pick a random winner code at the event.

This app is available starting today, so if you already have an administrator account just to your dashboard and give it a try.