Fan gates are gone for good, here's how you can deal with it


Facebook has updated their API and SDKs terms & conditions, and one of the most critical changes you should take in account is the demise of the beloved Fan-Gate or Like-Gate.

Wait, what?

In case you're wondering, what is a Fan-Gate? A Fan-Gate is a welcoming screen within an app, where users are required to like the Facebook page in order to participate in a contest or game.

Farewell, Fan-gate. The big question is, is this good, bad, or ugly?


Not as bad as you'd think, actually. Facebook is trying to prevent people from being bribed into liking pages they normally wouldn't. This is a wake up call to all the social media marketers out there, to improve their campaigns as a whole and bring relevant, meaningful and engaging content to their audiences instead of just getting likes in exchange for stuff.

But what about the immediate, short-term reward that pages and brands used to enjoy with the ever-increasing likes count? Well, this new restriction gives you the opportunity to collect actual leads -and far more useful data about them- with one of our new features: optional forms for all of our apps.


Fan-gates will be gone starting on November 5th, so you can start implementing forms on your apps as a way of generating more leads and gathering meaningful information about them.

Forms can be shown before or after participating in a contest or promotion, depending on which app you're using.

Just go to the "optional form" of your app's dashboard, and click here to learn how to create an optional form for your Facebook apps.