How to create successful Facebook Lead Ads

More people use their mobile devices now than ever before to shop, communicate and search for things they like. Since Facebook launched their latest ad format, Lead Ads, they just made it much easier for consumers to be connected with a business that offers products or services which might interest them. Leads Ads provide a secure way for users to quickly sign-up to receive information from brands they like such as quotes, promotions, and newsletters.

How Facebook Lead Ads can help your business

Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook pre-fills contact information inside the forms, so it’s much easier for your audience to send you data from their smartphones.

Lead Ads help a business achieve a number of key sales and marketing objectives.  Whether your company is looking to get more subscribers for a newsletter, promote an offer, event or to get more information out into the public domain about a particular product: Facebook Lead Ads offer the ideal platform and solution to address those needs.

Facebook Lead Ads make the process of connecting with people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering, simple and quick.  As soon as a person clicks on your ad, a pre-populated form will open that contains information such as their email address and name. It takes just two taps for that user to transmit their information. Perfect for alternating with your usual social contests or games.

Before you Create Your Facebook Lead Ad Campaign

There are a few things you will need to prepare before getting started with Facebook Lead Ads.

  • In order to use Facebook Lead Ads, you will need to have a privacy policy on your website. The very first step of the process will ask you to provide the URL to the privacy policy. 
  • Establish what questions or data you would like to collect on your Lead Ad form.
  • If you plan to use any software to manage your leads, there might be pre-determined information you are required to obtain; you can customize fields to collect whatever information you need, so it’s important to have this ready beforehand.
  • Establish what information you would like to display on your welcome screen. You can use a welcome screen to provide more information to outline a specific product or service. This is an optional setting, but it is a great opportunity to inform and attract people to your business.
  • Make sure you have any images, videos or text for your ad ready. The requirements are the same as those used for Facebook Link Ads.

How to Create Your First Facebook Lead Ad Campaign

You can create a Facebook Lead Ad in the Power Editor or the Ads Manager.

Create a Lead Generation campaign

Navigate to either your Ads Manager or Power EditorIf you are using the Power Editor, click ‘Create Campaign’ in the top left-hand corner. If you are the Ads Manager, click ‘Create Ad’ in the top right-hand corner.

Creating Facebook Lead Ads
Select “Lead Generation” and write a name for the campaign

After this you’ll see a “Page” section. Select the Facebook Page that you wish to use in order to create Lead Ads. It’s also mandatory that you accept Facebook’s Lead Ads terms of use. Click “View Terms” and agree to the terms.

Set up placement, budget, schedule and audience

Now it’s time to set your Placements, Budget, Schedule, and Audience. This is pretty common if you’re used to running Facebook Ads campaigns. You will be unable to target anyone under the age of 18 with Facebook Lead Ads.  When complete, click “Continue”.

Add your creatives

You will now be prompted to upload your images or video.  You can also complete the headline for your Facebook Lead Ad, along with uploading your text and any call to action you have chosen.

Create a leads Form

Within the lead form section, click “+ New Form” to create a new form. You can type a unique name for your lead form where it says “Untitled”.

Welcome screen

This part is optional but highly useful.  You can create a Welcome screen for your Facebook Lead Ad.

Creating a Facebook Leads form
Add a Welcome screen to your Leads Form

Add questions to the form

Under the heading ‘What information would you like to request,’ you can then click on the ‘Questions’ button? The form includes name and email by default. You are also able to customize this form to add any other fields you would like the prospect to complete.

Creating Facebook leads form
Add questions to your form

Privacy Policy

Click on the ‘Privacy Policy’ button and ensure the correct link to your websites privacy policy is present.  You can also add a unique disclaimer to your Facebook Lead Ad.  There are no character limitations within this field.

Creating Facebook Lead Ads
Add a link to your Privacy Policy document

“Thank You” screen

Tweak your Thank You screen options by selecting a specific URL for your prospects to be directed to after they submit a form.

Remember to preview your form to make sure everything has been input correctly.  It is worth doing this a few times to ensure that the form looks exactly as you would like it to appear to your prospects.

Creating Facebook Lead Ads
Add a link to your website as a last step

Tweaking your Lead ads Settings

Advanced Options presents you with a few additional elements you can add to your Facebook Lead Ads form. 

Select ‘Field IDs’ if you would like to alter the names of the columns for your data when you export any leads.  This is usually beneficial if you are using software to manage your leads or if your CRM needs specific names in order to upload your leads correctly.

Creating Facebook Lead Ads
Set the field IDs for your form

Select ‘Form Configuration’ if you would like to change the language on your form.  You can also dictate certain preferences here to determine whether or not you include any organic leads within your downloaded leads. If you select the option here to receive organic leads your Facebook Lead Ad will also include a share button.   This will enable people to share your ad with friends, peers or any other connections they feel might benefit from seeing your ad.  Organic leads do not have any impact on your Cost Per Click measurements within your ad manager.

Creating Facebook Lead Ads

Once you finished tweaking the form and the usual ad’s settings, click “Place your order” and you’re done!

Downloading your leads

The old & slow way

To download the leads you’ve just captured, go to the Facebook Page the form belongs to, click the Publishing Tools tab at the top. Once you’re there, click Forms Library. Only Page admins can download leads. On the right, you’ll see all of the forms that you’ve created. Click the Download link next to your form to download your leads in CSV format.

The new way – Real-time integrations

You can receive all leads directly via email, or add them to any MailChimp list you want. Just use this free Facebook Leads Sync tool and you’ll be all set in less than 5 minutes. No more downloading CSV files (or worse, forgetting to do it daily). And it’s free!

Tips for successful Lead Ads

  • When choosing what images to use in your Facebook Lead Ads, it is always a good idea to try and show people using your product. 
  • When choosing what text to use: keep it short and keep it simple.
  • Ad design is important.  If you already have data from Facebook Ads then evaluate what ad designs worked best and which of those converted the most. If you are starting from a blank canvas and have no prior data to use, Google Trends offer a great insight into search terms and location data that can help you to narrow down the who and what you are going to be targeting.

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