Boost Brand awareness with this fun Memory Match contest for Facebook Pages

InstallThisApp’s Memory Match contest for Facebook Pages is designed to spice up your online marketing campaigns on social media. It increases brand awareness, organic traffic, and can also boost your lead generation results.

The Memory Match game basically consists on placing pairs of cards at random positions, so that the player has to find the matching pairs as quickly as possible, using the least amount of clicks.

Creating a Memory Match contest for Facebook

Sign in to your dashboard

The first thing you need to do is login or signup for a free account at

Create a Memory Match app

After logging in, click on the [+] icon located at the upper right side of the dashboard, next to you profile pic.

Create a new Facebook contest

A window will show up with a list of all the available apps, choose Memory Match.

On the next screen you have to indicate the Facebook Page where you’ll install the game.Pick a Facebook Page for your Memory Match contest

Once you’ve indicated the Facebook Page, a form will show up, where you have to fill in the Title and Description of the contest.

At the end you’ll see some extra settings like:

  • Play more than once: Allows the users to play many times. This guarantees they’ll keep playing to one-up each other.
  • Available Platforms: Indicate if it’s available for Mobile, Desktop or both.
  • Scheduled Installation: Allows you to program the app to be published or uninstalled at a certain date and time.

Customize your Memory Match contest design

Go to the Design section of the app’s dashboard and select the screen you want to customize. Click on the images or elements you want, and you’ll see a tooltip with all of the customization options available.

Customize your Memory Match game

Add cards to the Matching game


Go to the Images tab and click on the + sign. You’ll see a popup window, drag all of your cards there and wait for them to be uploaded. Reminder: You only have to upload single images, the app will duplicate them later inside the game.

Add cards to the Memory Match game

Publish the App

Once you’re done with all the previous steps, click on “Install” so that your new app starts showing up on your Facebook page.

Publish your Memory Match game

Track your Campaign

Track who’s participating and getting the best scores at the Scores section of the dashboard. You can also use the top-right bottoms at the table to get a random winner, download the whole table, remove entries or group users for future reference.

Track the best scores at the Memory Match game

This is not the only kind of contest you can create, but it’s one of the most fun ones.

Alfredo Re

Co-founder @InstallThisApp, frontend & iOS dev. UI designer. Guitar player only in leap years.