All of your apps just went more viral


We're glad to tell you that all of your contests and promotions based on InstallThisApp applications just went even more viral, and are attracting more and more users.

Why? Well, we've just finished implementing Facebook's Open Graph protocol in all of our apps. In plain english, this means that whenever someone interacts with your apps, this action will be streamed to their friends' newsfeed.

E.g.: John has just published his photo in your Photo Contest, so a new story is shared to his friends saying "John posted a photo in App name"

The same goes for every other app and the relevant interactions that occur inside of them, like "Mike answered a trivia", "Rebbeca submitted a form", "Willie answered a survey", etc.

This makes your apps viral and engaging. So, when will you have this? Right now! The new feature is already implemented in all of our apps.